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Path to Citizenship


130729-path-immigration-cartoon-As President Obama pivots to the economy some immigrants are pivoting back to Mexico.

Race Card

You may add “Chicago” to your list of racist words.

Big Lie

Funny Romney political cartoon by Chip Bok shows Obama camp labeling Romney as a felon, tax cheat, and murderer

The Obama camp will say pretty much anything to distract from three and a half years of 8% unemployment. A Romney aid defended Mitt against accusations of complicity in the cancer death of the wife a laid off former employee, by reminding us of Romney Care. Even Obama doesn’t mention Obama Care. Needless to say, conservatives aren’t happy.



Dana Milbank reports that our first black, Pacific, gay, woman president elbowed aside a real woman (Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor of the NYT) to give the commencement address at Barnard. Meanwhile a NYT/CBS poll showed Romney ahead of Obama with women voters.


While the Supreme Court hears oral arguments over the Arizona immigration law, a Pew study says more Mexican immigrants are leaving the U.S. than entering.