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Dogged Extermination

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s new book is about to hit the stands. In the book she details the saga of Cricket the dog. Cricket misbehaved and was a danger to children. So Kristi shot Cricket. This didn’t sit well with many in the media and politics.

Here’s Governor Noem on Face the Nation, “Joe Biden’s dog has attacked 24 Secret Service people. So how many people is enough people to be attacked and dangerously hurt before you make a decision on a dog?” Arf.


From the WSJ April 25, 2024 – In an essay earlier this month on the news site the Free Press, NPR editor Uri Berliner said the public radio network had lost its way by letting liberal bias skew its coverage. NPR erred on big stories including the origins of Covid-19, Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Israel-Hamas conflict, he wrote. Berliner was suspended last week and subsequently resigned.

I used to listen to NPR. I really liked Car Talk, All Things Considered and Terry Gross on Fresh Air. But over the years it’s become a little too smug. Or maybe I used to be a lot more smug and didn’t notice.

Anyway, nobody’s forcing me to listen to NPR so I have no problem with it, except that I am forced to pay for it. NPR is partially funded by the government but it’s hard to see why, all things considered.

Go, O.J., Go!

The 2000s are Calling, They Want Their Landlines Back

“I feel like it’s the early 2000s,” Transportation Secretary Buttigieg said in defense of the Biden administration’s EV policies which aim for 50% EV sales by 2030, “and I’m talking to some people who think we can just have landline phones forever.”

Saving the Sacred Airwaves

Journalists used to brag that they have no sacred cows. Who knew? They have sacred airwaves!

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