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Winning Issue


Bill Clinton “admitted he made the wrong prediction about the popularity of the health care bill”. Maybe he’s wrong again. According to Monday’s Rasmussen Poll 57% of likely voters favor its repeal. Last week that number was 61%.

Update 9/30: Rove column in today’s WSJ has Obama healthcare quote from March, “I am actually confident … that it will end up being the right thing do do politically…” Not surprisingly, Rove disagrees, predicting the “defeat of his party over his signature domestic achievement”.

It’s a Surprise

100706bokloresChris Dodd and Nancy Pelosi explain here that you have to pass their 2000 page bills to find out what’s in them.

William Saletan has an interesting piece in Slate detailing how Kagan, while working in the Clinton White House, doctored a report on partial birth abortion by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists. He points out that the report was taken as expert opinion in court rulings. If she gets on the Supreme Court and overturns a ruling because it was based on her original lie, would that make her an activist judge?



As President Obama signed into law the federal takeover of the student loan industry, he said he was “ending giveaways to banks” by “cutting out the middleman“. “Middleman” Sallie Mae announced it will lay off 2500 employees.

Take That, Insurance Companies


The new health care bill punishes the insurance companies by delivering 30 million new customers! Frank Ahrens lists health care winners and losers in the Washington Post.

Give It Up for Lent


Obama wants the health care bill passed by March 18. He endorsed using “the budget maneuver known as reconciliation” to pass the unpopular big bill by a simple majority rather than the 60 votes normally needed in the Senate. Here’s the Washington Post story.

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