Separation of Powers

140129-three-branches-separation-Powers-cartoonDuring his State of the Union speech the president again emphasized his intention to go it alone. He’s his own separation of powers. He’s got a phone and a pen and he doesn’t need no stinking Congress.


Back in December Law professor Jonathan Turley said that President Obama is “becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid”.

Update 6/5/14:

Professor Turley now says Obama is the president Nixon always wanted to be.

5 Responses to Separation of Powers

  1. Peter says:

    Have you been audited by the IRS yet?

  2. […] January of this year Obama announced he no longer needed the serfs or Congress. He had a pen and a phone and he would go it alone on immigration reform. And so he did. Here’s the speech. When Congress […]

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