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Not Me



The thrill is gone even for Chris Mathews when it comes to the president’s engagement in his job. Dana Milbank calls him the “Passerby President”. David Fredosso at the Washington Examiner tweeted that ” Seal Team 6 is the only govt agency that acts directly on Obama’s behalf. All others are run by front-line employees making grave errors”.

(Jeffy is Jeff Keene of Family Circus Fame.)

Just Around the Corner

130515-tyranny-obama-irs-cartoon-John Dickerson at Slate says Obama is making the case for conservatism better than Republicans do.

The Government Family Album

130509-osu-obama-speech-cartoon-In a variation on his “you didn’t build that” theme, President Obama told Ohio State grads to lose individual ambition and embrace their government. Update: Otherwise, expect an IRS audit.

He implored the new grads to reject:

“the voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s the root of all our problems…”

And while they’re at it, reject the idea of checks and balances because:

“we sometimes forget the larger bonds we share, as one American family.”

First Taxpayer


Barack Obama sends his 2013 tax return and says he'll settle for paying 18%, even though he can afford to pay a little more.The Obamas paid an effective tax rate of 18%. Nolan Finley says Obama “is not about setting examples”. He goes on to discuss extravagant vacations and the recent live soul concert at the White House:

Which raises the question: How can a president so tone deaf appreciate a live concert?

Sequester Scare

130403-end-sequester-cartoon-The White House is gamely sticking with its policy of Sequester Scare. The president has given himself a 5% pay cut as a show of solidarity with the tots without tours who are denied spring break access to the White House.

In February Janet Napolitano said the Border Patrol would be cut by 5,000 agents. This week it was announced those cuts would be delayed. Here’s Fox News’ Ed Henry asking Jay Carney if Napolitano had been deliberately misleading.


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