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Senate Stock Market Tycoons

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White House and Senate agreed to a $2 trillion stimulus deal for the economy. And the economy likes it. The Dow shot up 11% for its best day since 1933.

Speaking of stocks and Senators, some senators dumped stocks just before Corona virus market meltdown.

Senate Stock Market Tycoons

Here’s Professor Jonathan Turley writing in The Hill:

Senators Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, James Inhofe, and Dianne Feinstein together are responsible for as much as $11 million in recent stock sales. It turns out that many lawmakers become market investment geniuses after they enter Congress. A University of Memphis study found that 75 percent of randomly selected members had made “stock transactions that directly coincided with legislative activity.” A Georgia State University study noted that, from 1993 to 1998, senators beat the stock market by 12 points with their portfolios and outperformed “corporate insiders” by 8 points.

Dr. Fauci Protects You and the Rest of Us

Dr. Fauci, flatten curve, go to your room
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. And he’s sheltering in place in your TV set.

From that perch he protects us from the COVID-19 virus, Novel Corona virus, or Wuhan Bat Flu (if you want to piss off CNN and Chinese President Xi).

Dr. Fauci wants to flatten the curve of the virus. What does that mean? He says it will be “several weeks” before we can leave our rooms.

Biden not Senile During Debate with Sanders

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Joe Biden has a hairy leg up on Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. If he can reassure voters he’s not senile.

The two members of the COVID-19 high risk set engaged in debate Sunday night.

Joe Biden, the 77 year old hero of the hazy center left establishment, took on 78 year old grumpy socialist Bernie Sanders. At a safe social distance, of course, and in front of no audience.

Biden surprised me in 2012 when he schooled Paul Ryan in a vice presidential debate. But he hasn’t aged gracefully and I thought Bernie would wipe the floor with him on Sunday. Except, I forgot that Sanders was highly likely to lead with his chin on “Medicare for All.” Which he did.

When Bernie griped that America was ill prepared for the Corona Pandemic because “We’ve got thousands of private insurance plans. Joe didn’t miss a beat. He pointed out that Italy has a single payer system and is way worse off than we are. So far.

Biden Not Senile

Vox says Biden “delivered his first coherent campaign message on Sunday night:”

“People are looking for results, not a revolution.”


Sleepy Joe, Senile Joe or Super Joe?

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The party has greased the skids for Sleepy Joe, Senile Joe or Super Joe, depending on your point of view.

Here’s the Real Clear Politics Poll average half an hour before tonight’s debate.


Billionaire’s Don’t Buy Elections Like They Used To

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Billionaire’s don’t buy elections like they used to. If they ever did. Former hedge fund tycoon Tom Steyer dropped out of the Democratic primary after blowing $150 billion. And didn’t he have a single delegate to show for it.

Billionaire Loser’s Category

But Steyer couldn’t even remain a winner in the loser’s category for long. Mayor Mike soon ended his campaign after spending over half a billion to win four delegates from American Samoa.

In the days before campaign finance reform fat cats spent their money on real politicians, instead of themselves. That’s how Gene McCarthy derailed Lyndon Johnson’s re-election in 1968. Fifty donors funded a third of McCarthy’s campaign. They’d go to jail for that today.