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Health Care from Hell

140113-insurance-deal-health-care-from-hellInsurance companies thought they had a deal made in ..well I’m not sure. They were promised millions of new customers by the Affordable Care Act. But then the website went bad, policy holders lost their policies, and patients lost their doctors. President Obama began a divine re-write of the health care from hell law in ways that imposed unexpected costs on insurers. Now it looks like taxpayers will be condemned to a bailout.


131122-camelot-demsThe MSM took our rulers on a pilgrimage to Camelot this week.

The first black president, along with the ersatz first black president, honored the first Catholic president on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

President Clinton, earlier in the week, honored President Obama by telling him to stop lying about ObamaCare.

Red State Democrats ran away.

Orwellian Train Wreck

131019White House Glossary Orwellian Train WreckIt turns out ObamaCare really is a train wreck.

Republicans tried to delay it and were denied. Then they tried to defund it and the result was a government shutdown.

Even though it was far from their goal, had the Republicans succeeded, they would have saved the president’s signature program a lot of embarrassment.

Orwellian White House

Instead, the White House called the Tea Party’s efforts to stop the train wreck “terrorism“.

The same administration, four years ago, labeled the killing of 13 troops at Fort Hood in the name of Islam, “workplace violence“.


ObamaCare 404

131008-ObamaCare 404

Republican efforts to stave off ObamaCare may have been unnecessary. The government’s own website seems to be doing a pretty good job of that. People can’t get on the poorly designed site and if they do they can’t get out.

The administration refuses to say how many have signed up.

So, as it stands now you can be fined for failing to buy a product the government can’t provide.

Apple iOS 7 is Just Like ObamaCare

131002-obamacare-apple-ios7-launchThe president compared ObamaCare’s rocky rollout favorably to Apple’s launch of iOS 7.0.2. Really. Well, they both do take fingerprints, operate in a cloud, and spy on us.

“Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it.”

A bug that allowed unauthorized users to get past the new iPhone’s fingerprint protected lock screen was fixed. President Obama promises the federal government, proven so nimble in the past, will do likewise.

Apple and ObamaCare the Same

Kathleen Sebelius got into the act saying, “…hopefully you’ll give us the same slack you give Apple”.


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