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Big Ten Football is the new October Surprise

Big Ten football, Midwest, Mid East
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Think peace in the Mid East is the October surprise? No way. The October return of the the Big Ten to football in the Midwest is. As you might expect, President Trump is taking credit. And it so happens the Big Ten plays in battleground states he needs to win.

Distractions from Covid in the Middle East

distractions, middle east, pelosi
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A lot of distractions are out there – forest fires, molotov cocktail fires, pandemics and bad hair days. And now the final insult: President Trump signs peace deals in the Middle East! What will he steal next, President Obama’s Nobel Prize?

Anonymous Source Behind Resolute Desk

anonymous, resolute desk
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An anonymously sourced story in The Atlantic has tormented President Trump all week. The piece claims he called dead soldiers losers and suckers. But, mercifully, Bob Woodward has cut the legs off that story with one of his own. His new book, Rage, claims Trump soft pedaled  the Carona Virus to avoid panic. The source? Woodward’s 18 taped interviews with Donald Trump.

Nazis, Trump and Aborted Babies

Nazis, Trump
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Nazis were the topic at Counterpoint last Thursday. That’s when I drew this one. Ted Rall worked the other side of the Counterpoint aisle and you can see his cartoon here

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Here’s my commentary:

“Ted has fingered the RNC’s failure to come up with a platform as the equivalent of Nazi Germany’s Enabling Act.

Looks like the president is Hitler. Again. George W. Bush had a nice run as Hitler too.

It seems to be a genetic disorder. It only affects Republicans. The far left mob must have achieved herd immunity. No matter how many Reichstags they try to burn down they never catch the Hitler bug.” – CB


Only Her Hair Dresser Knows if Nancy was Set Up

hair, pelosi, salon setup
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Biden blames Trump, Pelosi blames the hair salon. Fox News somehow obtained video of the Speaker’s illicit San Francisco blowout.

The city only permits outdoor hairdos. But Pelosi had her do done deep in the bowels of a salon. Without a mask.

When faced with the evidence, she claimed it was a salon setup. The owner says it’s a lie.

All can agree, however, Nancy’s hair looks great. No word if Joe thinks it smells good too.