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Gavin Newsom Unmasked in French Laundry

gavin newsom, unmasked, french laundry
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California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to be the boss of you. But he’s not a very good boss of himself. He showed up at The French Laundry restaurant in wine country to celebrate a birthday without a mask. And he partied there with a dozen friends. But he got busted breaking his own rules. And now the governor is very sorry.


Don’t be like Gavin. Go here for your holiday mask needs!

Dark Side of Shutdowns and a Dark Winter

dark side of shutdowns, virus, vaccine

The dark side of shutdowns includes drugs, depression and suicide. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is warning of a dark winter as a third wave of the virus washes over the earth. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Could be. Moderna and Pfizer have come with 95% effective vaccines in record time. Distribution could begin in deep dark December.

Virus Pandemic in Team Biden’s Court

Virus pandemic, Team Biden's court
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The virus pandemic is in Team Biden’s court now. And, as luck would have it, they got an assist from Pfizer’s announcement that a 90% effective vaccine is on the way.

President Trump wasn’t happy about Pfizer’s timing. And it looks like the vaccine will be here before his concession speech.

Ailments Left Untreated Due to Pandemic

ailments left untreated, pandemic
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As the vote count and pandemic dragged on I daydreamed about other ailments left untreated during the pandemic.

The Virus is Soaring and Stocks are Plunging

virus is soaring, stocks plunging,
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The virus is soaring and stocks are plunging. And Dr. Fauci says we’re still in the first wave, with no stimulus in sight.