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Russian Bounty Hunters in Afghanistan

Russian bounty hunter
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The last big bounty scandal in the news involved the New Orleans Saints. But there are no saints in this story. The NYT reported that Russian President Putin paid the Taliban to kill American soldiers. A WSJ editorial questioned the need for bounties, considering the Taliban already whacks Americans for the religious thrill of it. But considering Putin’s record killing journalists in his own country it sounds plausible.

And inquiring minds want to know what Trump did about it. Nothing. Though he did kill a couple hundred Russians in Syria in 2018, but that was before the story broke.

Or maybe 1980s are calling to get back their Stinger missiles that President Reagan gave to the Taliban to shoot down Russian helicopters.

Anyway, Catherine Herridge at CBS says the CIA and NSA are split on the bounty story, and the president claims he was never briefed.

American Taliban Re-writing History Again

American Taliban, John Walker Lindh
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The American Taliban set out to remake the world 20 years ago. John Walker Lindh graduated from high school, converted to Islam and made his way to Afghanistan where he joined the Taliban. However, his adventure ended abruptly after 9/11/2001. U.S. forces captured him during fighting in a prison uprising near Mazar-e Sharif. The American Taliban then went on to serve another 17 years in an American prison.

In addition to harboring Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban was best known at the time for blowing up buddhist statues. Coming from Marin County, California, I would have figured Lindh to be more suited for the Buddhist side of things.

2002 Akron Beacon Journal


Election Hopes and Conspiracy Theories

election hopes, conspiracy theories
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President Trump’s election hopes probably weren’t helped Saturday night. He spoke to a lot of empty seats at the BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) center in Tulsa.

Joe Biden’s having better luck in his basement. A New York Times / Sienna College Poll put’s him ahead of Trump by 14 points.

Peter Nicholas fantasizes in the Atlantic about life if Trump goes all “resistance” and refuses to accept the election results..

And Politico takes a deep dive into Trumpian conspiracy theories. The Steele Dossier pee tape didn’t make the cut.

Defunding the Police in the Land of CHAZ

Defunding the police, new nation, CHAZ
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Here’s a glimpse of what defunding the police looked like this week. Protesters in Seattle founded a new nation in the hood called CHAZ.

The cops ran away from Chaz without a fight. And the new national ruling elite seem to be using the abandoned police station as its capitol.

My cartoon below is an oldie from the 1999 ant-globalism protests in Seattle.

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Germs Build Immunity

Germs, immunity, China
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Germs build immunity. That’s because your body remembers pathogens. And it hates them. So when your body sees a pathogen it recognizes, it gets very upset and kills it. At least that’s how Harvard professor of microbiology Michael N. Starnbach, PhD sees it.

And if you don’t believe Dr. Starnbach, just ask George Carlin.

But how’s your body going to meet new germs if it’s holed up behind a mask in your basement? Besides that, hiding out from germs could drive you crazy.

Issues and Insights reports on a study that claims there could be 75.000 or more deaths due to the Covid-19 shutdown. It blames depression and stress.