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Stand up and Fight the Virus Like Trump

stand up and fight the virus, helicopter
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Maybe more of us will be able to stand up and fight the virus like Trump. At least that’s what two former FDA commissioners seem to think. And they say it could still happen this fall. Scott Gotlieb and Mark McClellan write in the WSJ that Regeneron and¬†Eli Lilly¬†have applied for emergency authorization for the antibody treatment Trump received.

Helicopter rides not included.

Anonymous Source Behind Resolute Desk

anonymous, resolute desk
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An anonymously sourced story in The Atlantic has tormented President Trump all week. The piece claims he called dead soldiers losers and suckers. But, mercifully, Bob Woodward has cut the legs off that story with one of his own. His new book, Rage, claims Trump soft pedaled  the Carona Virus to avoid panic. The source? Woodward’s 18 taped interviews with Donald Trump.

Grassy Knoll Conspiracy Theories

Grassy Knoll, Russia Conspiracy, Postal Conspiracy
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The grassy knoll has been the gold standard for conspiracies theories in my lifetime. I was into it. My parents even took me to a presentation by Dr. Cyril Wecht the forensic pathologist who explained the finer points of shooting bullets into goat carcasses to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. But as the years wore on the story gradually ceased to get my goat.

However, now there’s competition on the grassy knoll. It looked like the new gold standard conspiracy theory could well be that President Trump is a Russian agent! It’s the only reasonable explanation for his victory over Hillary. But there’s not much talk about it anymore. Word is out that Hillary and the DNC paid for the Steele Dossier, and FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is pleading guilty to altering a document used to spy on the Trump campaign.

But wait! In these fast moving times Democrats have gone postal with a new grassy knoll theory. Agent Trump is crushing the Postal Service in his torture chamber in order to block mail-in ballots for Biden and steal yet another election.

TikTok and Microsoft Art of the Deal

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TikTok is a hot property. It’s the world’s 7th biggest social-media company and popular with the under 25 group. It’s also owned by Chinese company ByteDance and that’s a worry to the feds. They’re afraid China will get access to TikTok user data. And that caused President Trump to threaten to ban the app in the U.S. But along comes Microsoft with an offer buy TikTok. And now Trump wants a finders fee.

Cognitively Certified and Proud of it

Cognitively Certified, Joe Biden, Michael Flynn
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President Trump is cognitively certified and bragging about it. Not only did he test negative for Covid-19, his brain tested positive on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MoA.

As achievements go the test is a low bar. Passing it simply means you don’t have dementia. For now. But Trump seems to think Joe Biden couldn’t pole vault over the the bar and he’s trying to provoke him out of his basement to take the test.

Joe’s Cognitive abilities may serve him well. He said he didn’t know anything about the Michael Flynn investigation. But former FBI agent Peter Stzrok’s notes from a Jan 2017 meeting say Biden recommended prosecuting Flynn under the Logan Act.

Obama deputy AG Sally Yates says she doesn’t remember if Biden brought up the Logan act but she testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he didn’t influence the Flynn Investigation.

As far as I know she hasn’t been tested either.