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Hillary Took a Great Fall

In the vice presidential debate, Biden said “we weren’t told” that diplomats in Libya had requested increased security before the Benghazi attack. On Tuesday Hillary blamed the failure on “the fog of war” but accepted responsibility. Meanwhile, Bill is campaigning for Obama. Is he hoping that by 2016, he can put Hillary back together again?


VP Debate

Biden’s crazed grin seemed a little intimidating and a little weird. But he knew his stuff and seemed to have a good grip on the facts.  Ryan, for his part, stuck to his knitting and showed respect for the old fart and in the end it seemed to pay off for him.

Old White Guys

Old white guy Harry Reid really did say that during the 2008 election. Another old white guy, Joe Biden, told a largely black  audience last night, “they’re gonna put y’all in chains”. No wonder Democrats seem obsessed with old white guys.

The Voters Have Spoken… The Bastards.

100930bokloresActually, the voters haven’t spoken yet but Rich Lowry, in a column about Democratic leaders’ current contempt for the electorate, remembered that quip from Mo Udall in 1976.  President Obama’s quip is that Democrats need to “buck up”.  John Dickerson in Slate says this suggests he considers them “ignorant, inattentive, or lazy”. Biden just calls them “whiners”.  And John Kerry adds that, “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on.”  Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson sums it up this way,  “The American people are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.”  All this flattery is nicely covered in Victor Davis Hanson’s column here.

VP Smackdown


William McGurn, in his WSJ column today, dredged up  some Joe Biden comments form 2007 on Iraq  – “fundamental strategic mistake” to believe “there is any possibility in the lifetime of anyone here of having the Iraqis get together, have a unity government in Baghdad that pulls the country together. That will not happen, George.”