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The Mark of Zorro

According to NYT reporter Maggi Haberman Donald Trump snoozed in court. He was probably up all night ranting on Truth Social about spending the day before gagged in court. If things go Joe’s way Trump will spend every day of the campaign in court – or jail, which could lead to drowsy debates – if Sleepy Joe allows it.

Biden Bunny Tales

Joe Biden likes to bill himself as a “devout Catholic.” It’s part of his brand, but not everyone buys it. Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC sees the president more as a “cafeteria Catholic.” As if to prove the point on Easter Sunday, President Biden issued a transgender visibility proclamation with the backing of two big bunnies.

It’s unclear if the event boosted Donald Trump’s bible sales.

More Saving our Democracy

Back in the olden days when Biden and Trump still participated in debates, Joe Biden shut Trump up (if that is even possible) with a claim that 50 intelligence experts signed a letter saying Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. It’s true about the letter but it turns out the claim claim was likely Biden campaign disinformation.

Musk Tweaks Twitter over Free Speech Abuse

Elon Musk, Twitter, Donald Trump, Free speech

The world’s leading billionaire, Elon Musk, thinks Twitter is a cess pool. So he made a bid to buy the company. He says his motive isn’t about money, it’s about restoring free speech.

Twitter cancelled a lesser billionaire, Donald Trump’s, free speech while he was president of the United States. Trump thinks twitter’s a cess pool too. But his response was to develop his own social media platform called Truth Social. So far his startup is off to a rocky start.


First Pitch in Georgia Voting Controversy

first pitch in georgia, biden, voting, jim crow, all star game

Joe Biden threw out the first pitch in the Georgia voting law controversy. And Stacey Abrams hit the dirt. She appreciated that he called the law an atrocious Jim Crow throwback but she’s not wild about the $100 million or so that left town with the all-star game.

Biden claims the law shuts down the polls at 5p.m. – just when working folks “like the ones he grew up with” get off. The Washington Post explains here why that’s a lie.


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