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Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Newly Skeptical Dems

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A copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer turned up at the New York Post last week. Delivered by President Trump’s friend and lawyer Rudy Giuliani. How convenient.

And it turns out the FBI has possession of the actual computer.

There’s an email on the the computer from a Burisma adviser thanking Hunter for arranging a meeting with his father, who was vice president at the time. And another from a Chinese energy company pinpointing Joe Biden as the “Big Guy” demanding a 10% share .

Newly skeptical Democrats are calling it a Russian disinformation smear. But Hunter’s former partner Tony Bobulinski says otherwise.


Vice Presidential Debate puts Fly to Sleep

vice presidential debate, mike pence, fly

Compared to the presidential debate last week, Wednesday’s vice presidential debate was pretty presidential.

Mike Pence was so calm he wouldn’t hurt a fly. At least he didn’t seem bothered by the fly resting on his head while he expressed his support for law enforcement.

That fly wouldn’t have stood a chance if Barack Obama were still around.

The Lid Closes on the Trump Campaign

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Throughout September I kept reading that Joe Biden had called a “lid” on his campaign. The lid often closed by 9 a.m. and that meant no campaign activities or media availability the rest of the day.

Meanwhile President Trump put in full days, followed by Air Force One rides to campaign rallies and then back to the White House after midnight. Get up in four hours and repeat.

But now, a month before the election, the president has The Virus. And Joe is emerging from his basement shell.

The lid has turned.

Low Bar for Biden in Expectations Game

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Joe Biden faced a low bar in the expectations game, and he cleared it in Tuesday’s debate.

But he had help. Every time it seemed he was about to lose his train of thought Donald Trump kept barking at him, and thereby bailed him out.

Ever ungrateful, Joe told the president, “shut up, man.”  Called him a clown too. And a “lying racist fool.” At least he didn’t call him a lying dog faced pony soldier.

Tough Guy from Scranton Meets Bully from Queens

tough guy from scranton, biden, trump, debate
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Joe Biden has always presented himself as a tough guy from Scranton. Must be a tough place, he moved to Delaware at age 10.

Any way,  Gerald Seib thinks Trump wanted to reposition Biden as a weak, woke, swamp guy from the beltway. So be beat the crap out of him in Tuesday’s debate.

Seib says it was a big gamble for Trump. And early reviews say the president made a bad bet.