First Pitch in Georgia Voting Controversy

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Joe Biden threw out the first pitch in the Georgia voting law controversy. And Stacey Abrams hit the dirt. She appreciated that he called the law an atrocious Jim Crow throwback but she’s not wild about the $100 million or so that left town with the all-star game.

Biden claims the law shuts down the polls at 5p.m. – just when working folks “like the ones he grew up with” get off. The Washington Post explains here why that’s a lie.


2 Responses to First Pitch in Georgia Voting Controversy

  1. Darrell Kutz says:

    Make election day a holiday, then most people can vote without worrying about work schedule.

  2. B. S. says:

    Another idiotic comic. So Biden runs MLB now? Yes, Georgia loses money from MLB pulling out. That’s how boycotts are supposed to work! Fake Libertarian Chip has no problems with Republicans passing ridiculous rules and regulations to restrict voting. What is important to Bok is twisting it to bash Biden.

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