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 Obama was for gay marriage before he was against it, before he was  for it.


Newt now says he’ll do everything he can to help Mitt get elected. That’s a switch from January when he implied Romney was a corporate looter. Gingrich has run up a campaign debt of $4.3 million.

Flexible Leadership

In the president’s latest open mic escapade he was caught passing a message to Putin that he will be even more pliable when he’s no longer accountable to the voters.

Super Wednesday

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Santorum was edged out by Romney in the wee hours last night in Ohio. But no matter – Ohio delegates are won proportionally. Oh wait, the Santorum machine didn’t fill out all its delegate slates.


The January unemployment rate reached its lowest level in 3 years. Meanwhile, gas prices have reached their highest level for this time of year.

And Gallup says unemployment will be back to 9% for February.