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The January unemployment rate reached its lowest level in 3 years. Meanwhile, gas prices have reached their highest level for this time of year.

And Gallup says unemployment will be back to 9% for February.

More Powerful Than a Locomotive

The president has begrudgingly consented to bazillions of dollars in Super Pac money to help him keep his job. This isn’t to be confused with the Super Committee, which remains in exile.

On the bright side, Supreme Court justices may attend future State of Union speeches without fear of tongue lashing.

Post Election Press Conference

101103boklores1To Doyle McManus, of the LA Times, this isn’t 1994 when Bill Clinton said of the voters, “They sent us a clear message. I got it”. In 2010 it was all Obama could do to walk back his Nixon-like comment that those same voters are “the enemy“.

Failure to Communicate


Maybe a 55th speech on Obamacare would have set us straight. The Democrats blamed their problems on poor communication to the end.

Post Punishment President


The president appealed to Latinos this week to double down on his presidency and extract revenge from their enemies.