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First Rodeo


990516 lores treasury rubin summersObama’s not the first president to be mocked as a rodeo clown. I hope he’s not the last. Drew this on in 1999.


130813-obama-law-moses-cartoonPresident Obama insists that he’s not a dictator or a king, but if Congress won’t act he will. How’s that work? He picks and chooses the laws he likes. In a speech last week he claimed the right to unilaterally “tweak” the Affordable Care Act because this is not a “normal political environment” – meaning Congress won’t do what he wants.

Funny, he didn’t have any trouble getting Congress’s cooperateration when they tweaked the law to subsidize the health care government workers must now buy through the exchanges. No one else earning$175,000 gets a subsidy.

George Will offers a pithy analysis of Obama’s Nixonian tendencies here.

War on Women

130812war-on-women-cartoon-Democrats created the “war on women” as a campaign issue against Republicans who didn’t want to pay for abortion and contraceptive coverage. Something fully supported by The Weiner The World Awaited and Filthy Filner.

980208 clinton-now-cartoon-

In fact, Michelle Malkin notes on Twitchy that Planned Parenthood endorsed Filner in 2012 as a “long time defender of women”.

Of course, there is a history of women supporting bad boys.

Gen Y Generation

130722Gen-Y-health-careNo cartoon about the Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge, that is unless he counts as a Gen Y Generation Prince.

Why ObamaCare Isn’t Working

130712-obamacare-fix-cartoon-Democrats are blaming Republicans for standing by and watching, rather than climbing aboard the ObamaCare train wreck.

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