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Right to Riot

Civility is one of the most absurdly abused of our political values. It is always centrally important to our functioning as a democracy — right up until the time someone proposes crossing the unions. Then, it goes from “can’t we all get along?” to “nothing to see here.”

Rich Lowry in Politico

“Moreover, it is more than slightly ironic that Democrats, the fiercely pro-choice party, reserve free choice for aborting a fetus while denying it for such matters as choosing your child’s school or joining a union.”

Krauthammer in the Washington Post

Old White Guys

Old white guy Harry Reid really did say that during the 2008 election. Another old white guy, Joe Biden, told a largely black  audience last night, “they’re gonna put y’all in chains”. No wonder Democrats seem obsessed with old white guys.

Business Bash

In this political cartoon by Chip Bok, Republicans misquote Barack Obama using his own words

Many Democrats are saying that Republicans are misquoting the president by using his own words. Tim Cavanaugh explains in Reason.

Right-Wing Extremist

The NYT reports that the Obama campaign wants to define Romney as a “right-wing extremist”. Could be extremism is no vice when “The Flipper” is accused of it by Democrats.

Move to Center

101207bokloresThe president had to fend off angry Democrats after Republicans said “yes” to an extension of the Bush tax cuts. Democrats didn’t come away empty handed.  The deal included a 13 month extension of unemployment benefits, a payroll tax reduction and lower income tax credits. No need to fend off voters.  According to Gallup two thirds are okay with the deal.