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Retractable Debt Ceiling


The House voted to retract the debt ceiling with no restrictions and the Senate approved about 5 minutes later.

Tea Party and Donkey Tracks

131018 tea party and donkey tracks

President Obama focused blame on Republican responsibility for refusing to raise the ceiling on irresponsible spending. The Tea Party made a brave stand but in the end got stomped.


I like cartoons that work without words – other than the ones on the flag in this case. Also, I think it’s funnier when a cartoon implies an event that has already happened and the reader gets the punchline when he or she recognizes it.


Won’t Negotiate


The president won’t negotiate. He issues executive orders. He grants waivers of the employer mandate to big business. He gives a special subsidy to the political class for health care. But he won’t negotiate.

Harry Reid, Obama, and others like to say that ObamaCare is the law of the land and can’t be changed. Isn’t the debt ceiling also the law of the land.? They want that changed.

Negotiate This

I thought negotiation was what politicians do. How is it that when the government shuts down, it’s not the fault of the guy who won’t negotiate.

Senate Budget


The 1974 Budget Act requires both houses to pass a budget every year. The senate is four years in arrears.

House Republicans hatched a plan on Friday to raise the debt ceiling, but only if each chamber passes a budget. If senators don’t pass a budget, they don’t get paid.

This sounds suspiciously similar to Charles Krauthammer’s Friday pitch in his Washington Post column, though he didn’t mention the pay part.

Kimberley Strassel, in the WSJ, details how Harry Reid’s rope-a-dope tactics “hide the party’s spending ambitions” and “casts the Republicans as the cause of every legislative crises”.

Deadbeat Nation


In the final press conference of his first term, the president explained what he will and will not do. He might take executive action against guns and he won’t be negotiating the debt ceiling with a gun to the head of the American people .

We are not a deadbeat nation and the full faith and credit of the United States is not a bargaining chip. Except when it is.

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