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Debt Ceiling



Is the debt ceiling the new fiscal cliff?

Entitlement State

As the usual flash mob of national leaders showed up to blame Tea Party terrorists for the debt ceiling deal, Paul Samuelson named the real hostage takers.

Dow Cow

Raising the debt ceiling was supposed to calm the financial markets.

Sausage Works

President Obama signed $2.4 billion of new debt ceiling sausage into law. The Beaver’s evil twin, Missouri Democrat, Emanuel Clever, called the deal a satan sandwich. The stock market took one bite and retched up its remaining green gains for 2011.

Win One for the Wu

David Wu is being forced out of Congress for improper tiger attire. However, the Oregonian is taking a page from the Ohio State Buckeyes and staying on through the Debt Ceiling Sugar Bowl. The question nobody is asking is will the NCAA subsequently vacate any congressional wins where Wu votes.

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