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130813-obama-law-moses-cartoonPresident Obama insists that he’s not a dictator or a king, but if Congress won’t act he will. How’s that work? He picks and chooses the laws he likes. In a speech last week he claimed the right to unilaterally “tweak” the Affordable Care Act because this is not a “normal political environment” – meaning Congress won’t do what he wants.

Funny, he didn’t have any trouble getting Congress’s cooperateration when they tweaked the law to subsidize the health care government workers must now buy through the exchanges. No one else earning$175,000 gets a subsidy.

George Will offers a pithy analysis of Obama’s Nixonian tendencies here.

Endless Phony Scandal Parade

130726-endless-phony-scandals-cartoonThe president made another pivot back to the economy and away from phony scandals.



130716-bush-obama-cartoon-Former President Bush 41 visited the White House for the Points of Light award. He established the awards in 1989 to honor volunteerism and public service. President 44 was a gracious host and said nice things about 41.

President George Bush Sr. is confined to a wheel chair and outrageous socks.

Why ObamaCare Isn’t Working

130712-obamacare-fix-cartoon-Democrats are blaming Republicans for standing by and watching, rather than climbing aboard the ObamaCare train wreck.

Tale of Two Dicks

During an interview with Charlie Rose that aired Monday the president protested again that he’s not Dick Cheney. He has a point. I haven’t heard that Cheney tried to intimidate journalists and their sources, or use the IRS to intimidate political opponents.

James Taranto, in a column titled We’re all Dick Cheney Now, says Obama is trying to send a message to his base that they were right to distrust Cheney but not to distrust him for adopting and expanding the same program of spying on Americans.

Victor Davis Hanson says, “deception is now institutionalized in the Obama administration”. He calls it, “the most untruthful cast since Nixon, Halderman, Zeigler, and John Dean”.

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