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The Debate Is So Over


The debate is over for ObamaCare, Climate Change, and Gay Marriage. Especially gay marriage.

Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, didn’t know that. In 2008 he made a $1000 contribution in support of California’s Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage. The majority of California voters didn’t know the debate was over either. They passed the proposition. To better help everyone understand that the debate is over, Brendan Eich was forced out of his job.

The Debate is Over, Dammit

The wizard standing on top of the guillotine has a hockey stick on his wizard hat. That’s in honor of Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” theory of global warming. Dr. Mann is a professor at Penn State University. The shaft of his “hockey stick” graph represents 1000 years of steady global temperatures and the blade shows a sharp increase in the 20th century. Some skeptics claimed Professor Mann’s model results in a hockey stick shape no matter what data you enter. This enraged the Professor. He went all goon and has been taking two handed slashes at his doubters ever since.

Some skeptical journalist drew an analogy to Mann’s methods and those of another noted Penn State figure, Jerry Sandusky. In order to help the journalists understand the debate is over Dr. Mann sued them.

Gay Marriage Goes Viral


130628sheep-scotus-gay-marriage-cartoon-Supreme Court swingman, Justice Anthony Kennedy, wrote the majority opinion overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. After writing that the issue of gay marriage should be left to the states he described its opponents as bigots. Here’s Rich Lowry in Politico:

The majority held that DOMA inflicts an “injury and indignity” on gay couples so severe that it denies “an essential part of the liberty protected by the Fifth Amendment.” It is motivated by a “‘bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group.’” There is, in short, nothing to be said for it or the point of view of its supporters. Period. Full stop.

Those bigots would include Bill Clinton, who signed DOMA into law (but, newly enlightened, is glad to see it go), Barack Obama (until he changed his mind “the day before yesterday”), “342 members of the House, and 85 Senators”. Actually, most members of the human race were on board with the bigots until millions changed their minds – the day before yesterday .


Same Sex Supreme Court

Justice Kennedy addresses Supreme Court saying "here's your chance to do for gay marriage what Roe v Wade did for abortion."Justice Kennedy isn’t homophobic, he’s Roe v Wade-phobic. He think’s “a democracy should not be dependent for its major decisions on what nine unelected people from a narrow legal background have to say”.

Which is what happened in the Roe v Wade decision. Attitudes toward abortion were already changing and Justice Ginsburg says the court went “too far and too fast in removing the issue from the political process. Anger and frustration rages over abortion today with many attitudes shifting back the other way.

But nobody likes an abortion. Everybody loves a wedding.

Gay Marriage



Kathleen Parker is not jumping on the women in combat bandwagon.

Animal Farm

The going is getting weird. Chick-fil-A owner, Dan Cathy, expressed an opinion he shared with president Obama until a few weeks ago – namely, that marriage is between a man and a woman. This so outraged a newly sensitive Chicago alderman as well as the mayor of Boston that they threatened to destroy his business.

Meanwhile, Romney, hoping to avoid further display of his financial success, refuses to watch his ballet horse perform in the Olympics.

UPDATE: Cow wins, horse loses. Chic-fil-A had a record setting day Wednesday. Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca, didn’t win a medal.

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