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Gun Props


Obama Secret Service guy says "good luck when you get back to school, kids."


The president used children as props while he signed 23 executive orders aimed at controlling guns.

Meanwhile, the NRA ran an ad questioning why the president’s daughters are protected from shooters while other school children are not. Obviously, the president’s family deserves special protection but White House spokesman Carney took offense that the Obama girls were being “used as pawns in a political fight”.

That’s a job for somebody else’s children. Each of whom has a $50,000 share of the national debt.

Fiscal Sacrifice


Obama gets off Air Force One with Fiscal Cliff deal in hand


The president came to Washington, demanded shared sacrifice, got his fiscal cliff deal and returned to Hawaii. According to Bloomberg taxes will go up for 77.1 percent of American families. The Congressional Budget Office says the deal will cost $4 trillion over the next decade. Spending cuts? … Maybe later. Kevin O’brien has a nice rant about that here.

Lied and Died

Judge Kessler: Mr. Tobacco, I want you to say you deceived the public and caused people to die... you too, Obama

Federal judge Gladys Kessler last week ordered tobacco companies to admit, on every pack of cigarettes, that they deceived the public and caused death with their product.

Populist Pipes

The Republicans have been suffering an identity crisis. Mike Flynn of Breitbart identifies them as the party of slightly less tax hikes.


Making a List

Mitt Romney dropped by the White House for lunch last week. Later the president hit the campaign trail to promote tax hikes on the rich. During a rally at the Rodon Group plant in Hatfield Pennsylvania, Obama announced he was keeping a list of naughty and nice congressmen. The Naughty or Nice List isn’t to be confused with the his Enemies List of Republican campaign donors, or his Kill List.

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