Gun Props


Obama Secret Service guy says "good luck when you get back to school, kids."


The president used children as props while he signed 23 executive orders aimed at controlling guns.

Meanwhile, the NRA ran an ad questioning why the president’s daughters are protected from shooters while other school children are not. Obviously, the president’s family deserves special protection but White House spokesman Carney took offense that the Obama girls were being “used as pawns in a political fight”.

That’s a job for somebody else’s children. Each of whom has a $50,000 share of the national debt.

3 Responses to Gun Props

  1. 1goodbob says:

    It is sickening how this pres. uses children as props whenever he is signing Orders or Bills that the General public is against. ( Like that makes it Legit. )

  2. lexiedogmom says:

    Utterly reprehensible. Most people, even gun owners, are for universal registration and tracking of guns. Are you for the gun show loophole? Thirty round magazines? Armor piercing bullets? Get real. Given that other countries have mental health issues, and cultural violence, the reason we have more gun murders is purely because we have the most guns.

    The black helicopters are not coming to take the guns away from law abiding people, but the black and white all or nothing approach espoused by the NRA (which USED to ba a sensible, respectable organization) is insane.

  3. Sema says:

    The thing I’ve learned from using Google image saerch for reference over the years is that there seems to be no term, no matter how seemingly innocuous, that won’t turn up something distinctly rude within the first few pages of results.Mind you, when I had to draw a beaver recently I really should have known better

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