Thanksgiving Day Activities safer than Touch Football

thanksgiving day
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It’s Thanksgiving day and the Steelers and Ravens aren’t playing. They’ve moved to Sunday, courtesy of the virus. Screw football. Get out your drone and spy on your neighbors. It’s fun and rewarding. My town provides a helpful list of snitch numbers and I’m sure yours does too.

Still, many blessings have come my way this year and I am thankful. Including for the the fact that you’re reading this post.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The String is Running Out for President Trump

the string is running out
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Like Rudy’s dripping hair dye at his press conference last week, it looks like the string is running out for President Trump. He’s allowing the transfer of power to begin.


Rudy Steals Adam Schiff’s Material

Rudy steals adam schiff's material
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There’s no evidence so far that Biden stole the election, but there’s plenty that Rudy steals Adam Schiff’s material.

Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani claimed Donald Trump won re-election in a massive landslide. But Hugo Chavez reached from the grave to snatch the victory away. At least that’s their story and it involves rigged voting machines from Canada. They offered no evidence.

But is that tale any taller than Adam Schiff’s insistence that evidence “in plain sight” proves President Trump is Putin’s secret agent?

Victor David Hanson finds it comical that the same crowd who pushed the Steele dossier is now complaining:

For the architects, abettors, and enablers of those past efforts now to accuse Trump officials of adhering to what they created on a massive scale is comic.

Victor Davis Hanson

Gavin Newsom Unmasked in French Laundry

gavin newsom, unmasked, french laundry
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California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to be the boss of you. But he’s not a very good boss of himself. He showed up at The French Laundry restaurant in wine country to celebrate a birthday without a mask. And he partied there with a dozen friends. But he got busted breaking his own rules. And now the governor is very sorry.


Don’t be like Gavin. Go here for your holiday mask needs!

Defund the Police Craze in Minneapolis

defund the police craze, Minneapolis city council
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Minneapolis City Council is in recovery from last summer’s “Defund the Police” craze.

The council yanked a million dollars from the police then. Night followed day and the crime rate surged. So now they’ve approved a half million to try to patch things over. They plan to rent cops from the Metro Transit and the sheriff’s office.

Still, the city expects to “hemorrhage” 145 officers. And the police department faces a $14 million cut in the mayor’s budget proposal.

The Council President is retiring too.