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Kick the Can

Here’s Obama telling congress not to kick the can down the road. Here’s Obama kicking the can down the road last February. Here’s the can. It’s big.


The president admitted that he’s bluffing on the debt ceiling by ordering Eric Cantor not to call him on it. Mitch McConnell acknowledged he doesn’t have the votes for the cuts Republicans want, so he offered a complicated “fallback” plan. McConnell’s plan let’s Obama have his way with Congress but Republicans get to vote against it. Theoretically, that would be useful next election, provided voters can figure what the hell he’s talking about.

Gotcha, Granny

When your local school district needs to pass a levy – or else, what’s the first thing they threaten to cut? The Assistant to the Associate Director of Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Enrichment? Hell, no.

More Sacred Bull

The president is sharing the sacrificial bull till the sacred cows come home. He has the Republicans where he wants em, continue building on his 24% grab of the economy or take the blame for a social security scare.