Kick the Can

Here’s Obama telling congress not to kick the can down the road. Here’s Obama kicking the can down the road last February. Here’s the can. It’s big.

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  1. hi Chip,
    you are so good. I love Columbia with a cast on her leg too.
    love to all,

  2. Mike Conlon says:

    The current format for your website has a problem and the images in the section Related Cartoons shows it, if you look carefully.

    I got your email notifying me of your new cartoon. I clicked on the link and viewed the cartoon, “The Road”. Below, the first cartoon in Related Cartoons is”Kick the Can”. I clicked on that. I was taken to the page with that cartoon. However, part of the image on the right was truncated so I couldn’t read all of the text in the balloon. I was able to find out what it was by clicking on the image and dragging it, which displays a somewhat transparent version, but readable.

    In other words, the images displayed in Related Cartoons are shown as roughly square, but the cartoons are actually rectangular, AND and the full-size version is displayed in the same proportions as the thumbnail (truncated).

    It doesn’t particularly matter if the thumbnails are square, but you really should display the full-size images in their entirety.

    I measured “The Road”, which is displayed at 490×371 pixels (on my computer) and is the same size when downloaded, but “Kick the Can” is displayed at 500×435, however, when downloaded to my computer is 576×436.

    How about making the full-size images all the same regardless of how one gets to them?

    Mike Conlon

  3. Bok says:


    I changed templates about a month ago and now some earlier cartoons don’t fit when called in. I fixed the problem on this one by resizing the original Can O’ Debt cartoon.

    If you find other cartoons with the same prob click the image for a full size version. And please leave a message if you have time.
    Thanks for calling this to my attention. – Chip

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