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Fiscal Cliff

Funny political cartoon shows car falling and the driver hopes to hit the fiscal cliff

The campaign’s over, we’re 16 trillion in debt, and now our betters want to talk about avoiding the Fiscal Cliff.

Here’s Obama on the Fiscal Cliff. Here’s Boehner. Best of all, here’s Ron Paul.

In case you’re wondering just what the Fiscal Cliff is, you can go here. If you read it let me know.

Kick the Can

Here’s Obama telling congress not to kick the can down the road.  Here’s Obama kicking the can down the road last February.  Here’s the can.  It’s big.

Big Stick



Sixties style future House leader, Don Draper, a.k.a. “John Boehner”, called the Democrats tax bill “chicken crap” (Politico).  Meanwhile, the president is focused on saving us from having to “duck and cover” by pressing on with his New START Treaty (George Will, Washington Post).