Fiscal Cliff

Funny political cartoon shows car falling and the driver hopes to hit the fiscal cliff

The campaign’s over, we’re 16 trillion in debt, and now our betters want to talk about avoiding the Fiscal Cliff.

Here’s Obama on the Fiscal Cliff. Here’s Boehner. Best of all, here’s Ron Paul.

In case you’re wondering just what the Fiscal Cliff is, you can go here. If you read it let me know.

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  1. Flower says:

    YOU have 200 poduns to go? Boy that makes me feel good. Thank you. I’ve lost 45 poduns and have about 200 to go too. Confidence to tell others is hard especially when you have someone in your down line saying “Peggy, you’ll never be able to do the business well until you’ve lost your excess weight”. Thank you, Kim, for that confidence booster .

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