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Political Stunts


130410-fast-furious-sandyhook-cartoon-As Human Events put it, the president “denounced political stunts during a political stunt”. Obama called the possibility of a Republican filibuster a political stunt and then flew off with family members of Sandy Hook victims to lobby Congress on gun control.

No relatives of Fast and Furious “gun walking” victims were invited.

Udate: Here’s an interesting Politico story about how professional and effective the lobbying of the Sandy Hook families is.

White House Tour


130309whitehousetour_schoolsThere may not be any White House access for the kids who want a spring break tour. But there’s plenty to go around for Obama cronies who want to drop by and drop off cash under the perpetual campaign operation known as Organizing for Action. Kimberly Strassel of the WSJ thinks the president has “jumped the sequester” on this one.

Best Picture to Kill an Ambassador



In a weird turn on Oscar night, Michelle Obama, flanked by U.S. military, announced Argo as the Best Picture winner. Some thought it was a little bizarre. I thought it was a little brazen. Argo is about the rescue of American embassy personnel from Islamist fanatics in Iran in 1979. Her husband, the president, was about not rescuing American embassy personnel from Islamist fanatics in Libya in 2012 – and then blaming it on a movie.

Caught with Pants Down

Funny cartoon by Chip Bok shows U.S. soldiers with their pants down in the Middle East

In The Washington Free Beacon Matthew Continetti says, “foreign policy crises are metastasizing…And the United States is clueless. Its political class is reeling after its most celebrated general in decades resigned from his post as CIA director when the FBI exposed his affair with a journalist.”

Unlike scandals that bring down blowhard politicians, this one’s no fun for Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. He gives an impressive account of the service of generals Petraeus and Allen.

Fiscal Cliff

Funny political cartoon shows car falling and the driver hopes to hit the fiscal cliff

The campaign’s over, we’re 16 trillion in debt, and now our betters want to talk about avoiding the Fiscal Cliff.

Here’s Obama on the Fiscal Cliff. Here’s Boehner. Best of all, here’s Ron Paul.

In case you’re wondering just what the Fiscal Cliff is, you can go here. If you read it let me know.