Caught with Pants Down

Funny cartoon by Chip Bok shows U.S. soldiers with their pants down in the Middle East

In The Washington Free Beacon¬†Matthew Continetti says, “foreign policy crises are metastasizing…And the United States is clueless. Its political class is reeling after its most celebrated general in decades resigned from his post as CIA director when the FBI exposed his affair with a journalist.”

Unlike scandals that bring down blowhard politicians, this one’s no fun for Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. He gives an impressive account of the service of generals Petraeus and Allen.

2 Responses to Caught with Pants Down

  1. Terry says:

    Michael Rubin would certainly agree with Contonetti’s assessment of Patreus as “celebrated” but feels he was a little full of himself for the country’s good.

  2. Alan Robbins says:

    Hey Bok,

    I think I am owed some kind of “Royalty” since you are using drawings of my heart shorts in this cartoon….or as the lawyers call it “work Product”!! A couple of beers would suffice.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Alan & Vanna

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