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The 2012 Year In Cartoons

I think of Bokbluster as a cartoon wormhole into the news. Here’s a worm’s eye view of the 2012 year in cartoons.

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120203-who-made-you-pope-contraception 2012 Obama budget and tax reform plan that won't likely be taken by Senator Harry Reid. 120225-obama-burned-qurans-bishop-first-amendment-freedom-religion 120309sandra-fluke-rush-limbaugh-obama-georgetown-contraceptives 120301afghan-troops-murder-apology-quran-koran 120323-bok-all-the-above-energy-strategy 120326bok-reagan-romney-etch-a-sketch-gop 120404bok-obama-supreme-court-bully-harper-calderon 120601obama-kill-cards 120611college-bubble 120628scotus-health-decision 120630pelosi-rewrite-health- 120705andy-barney-obit 120718fear-business-build 120723tea-party-abc 120803-harry-reid-romney-political-cartoon 120811ryan-vp-speech 120814corn-drought-ethanol 120831racism-msnbc-rnc 120903clinton-dnc-welfare 120905better-off-food-stamps 120920lead_from_behind_libya 120925bin_laden_foreign_policy 120926nfl_replacement_refs 121002debate_deal_mitt 121009bigbird_image_one_percent 121022fac_check_bar_fight 121026trick_romney_obama 121101sheehan_woods 121115fbi-topless 121206king_obama 121207-tobacco-obama-political-cartoon 121226baseline_budgeting_camp 121215school_shooting


Right to Riot

Civility is one of the most absurdly abused of our political values. It is always centrally important to our functioning as a democracy — right up until the time someone proposes crossing the unions. Then, it goes from “can’t we all get along?” to “nothing to see here.”

Rich Lowry in Politico

“Moreover, it is more than slightly ironic that Democrats, the fiercely pro-choice party, reserve free choice for aborting a fetus while denying it for such matters as choosing your child’s school or joining a union.”

Krauthammer in the Washington Post

Location Location

U.S. taxpayers live in a bad neighborhood. Now the good neighbor, FHA, may be headed for a bail-out. FHA is $16 billion in the hole – we’re $16 trillion in the hole. How does that work?

Caught with Pants Down

Funny cartoon by Chip Bok shows U.S. soldiers with their pants down in the Middle East

In The Washington Free Beacon Matthew Continetti says, “foreign policy crises are metastasizing…And the United States is clueless. Its political class is reeling after its most celebrated general in decades resigned from his post as CIA director when the FBI exposed his affair with a journalist.”

Unlike scandals that bring down blowhard politicians, this one’s no fun for Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. He gives an impressive account of the service of generals Petraeus and Allen.