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Blue State Pre-existing Condition

blue state pre-existing condition, bailout, public worker pensions
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Blue states have a pre-existing condition that makes them more vulnerable to the Corona virus lockdown. And Nancy Pelosi has a plan for that. But Mitch McConnell pronounced her $3 trillion bailout cure dead on arrival. Instead, he prescribed bankruptcy.

But the U.S. Constitution might pronounce that idea is dead on arrival too.

The plan could be raised from dead though. Bloomberg Businessweek says red states need bailouts too.

Re-Opening Day for the Economy

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It’s time for re-opening… something. While some governors and President Trump are desperate to re-open the economy, many Democrats think otherwise.

We flattened the curve to give hospitals breathing room and delay the virus. But not to stop it.

So far so good. New York City got enough ventilators and made it over the hump. As for the economy – it’s been a bloodletting and it’s on life support. But polls show plenty of people want to keep it that way.

Rich Lowry says they’ve “moved the goal posts.”

Now, the rhetoric around the shutdowns has shifted, and not very subtly — flattening the curve and saving the hospitals are “out,” and not allowing any additional cases to emerge is “in.”

Uncle Sam Blew $3 Trillion on the Virus in Six Weeks

Uncle Sam, blew $3 trillion, government spending trillions on coronavirus
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Uncle Sam blew $3 trillion on the coronavirus in six weeks. But the bug is still laying waste to the economy. And the Congressional Budget Office projects a deficit of $3.7 trillion this year. What to do? Hit it with more money.

Phase Four of the Virus War Coming

Work, Government, people want to work, politicians want to pay them not to, corona virus
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Phase four of the virus war could include another 2 trillion to bail out states and build infrastructure.

Virus War

But John Kass thinks that’s not what people want or need right now:

Nobody in politics has been laid off.

And what of the small-business owner who doesn’t build roads? She risked everything to open her business. She went into debt. But there are no customers now, and the landlord wants the rent and the taxman is always waiting.

She doesn’t see herself as someone who Just Wants People to Die.She wants to work. She wants to live.

-John Kass, Chicago Tribune




Race Against Time, Virus vs. Savings

race against time, virus, savings
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It’s a race against time. Can the virus be spent before your savings?

701,000 American jobs were lost in March and the unemployment rate rose from 3.5% to 4.4% in one month according to the WSJ.

Meanwhile, The Guardian says about 35 companies are working on a vaccine and Moderna is about to begin human testing. And “many many‘ groups are working on immunity-giving antibody tests that provide results in minutes.