Yellen Takes Off Training Wheels

151218-YellenJanet Yellen took the training wheels off the economy on Wednesday. After seven years of near zero percent interest rates, the Fed hiked rates a quarter percent.

Meanwhile, Congress passed a 2,000 page, 1.2 trillion dollar budget. That tacked another 157 billion onto the 18.5 trillion dollar national debt.


On Friday the Dow dropped 370 points.

David Stockman says, “sell the bonds, sell the stocks, sell the house”. IBD wonders if the markets know something the Fed doesn’t.

2 Responses to Yellen Takes Off Training Wheels

  1. terry says:

    The markets ALWAYS know more than anyone, especially the Fed.

  2. βιβλία says:

    2,000 pages? for one budget bill??

    “Ignorantia juris non excusat”

    -popular jurisprude slogan

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