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Wheel out the Old, Rush in the New

wheel out the old
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As we wheel out the old year help is on the way. The new year comes with a new vaccine for the new corona virus. Thanks to the old president’s warp speed program. By the way, he’s slow wheeling his way out too.

Stinking Dumpster Fire Hot Mess of a Year Finally Leaves

hot mess of a year, 2020, new years eve
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The stinking dumpster fire hot mess of year made its way to the exits last night, terrifying everyone along the way.

Woke Ministry of Truth, Tear Down this Statue

woke ministry of truth, history, covid-19
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The woke Ministry of Truth has been busy the past year erasing the history it doesn’t like. The death march to Idiocracy continues, but there is one item I wouldn’t mind seeing out of the picture myself.

Lockdown Drags Down Economy

lockdown, Houdini, Coronavirus
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Even Houdini couldn’t escape the never ending coronavirus lockdowns. But your governor can. Don’t forget to wear your mask.

Decisions, Decisions for the Big 10

decisions for the big 10, Ohio State, Michigan, football
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More decisions for the Big 10.

The Ohio State-Michigan game won’t be played for the first time since 1917. Then it was WW I. Now it’s Covid 19.

The Big Ten announced a schedule in August but cancelled the season five days later. But then it noticed everybody else was playing so it reversed course.

They Buckeyes have only played five games and they’re undefeated. But the conference required a minimum of six games to qualify for the Big 10 championship.

No problem, the league decided to change that rule too. Ohio State will play Northwestern on Dec. 19 for the Big 10 championship.

It’s all very upsetting to Dabo Swinney.