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Asian Discrimination Anti-Racism Issue of the Week

Asian discrimination,

Joe Biden accused Trump of Asian discrimination when he banned flights from China due to the corona virus. More recently, eight innocent people were murdered in Atlanta. Six of them were Asians. And now hate against Asians is the cause of the month. It’s real alright – check out this thug in mid-day Manhattan.

But Asians are also one of the most successful minorities in America. And if we’re looking for non-violent Asian discrimination Harvard is a good place to start.

But did the Atlanta victims die because they were Asian? So far there’s not proof of it. The shooter says he’s a sex pervert with issues. Sometimes a perv is just a perv.

More than Covid Relief in Covid Relief Bill

More than covid relief

The $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill was about more than Covid relief. $350 billion went to state governments and another $129 billion to schools. Here’s a breakdown from the Tax Foundation.

Bad Look for Cuomo, Hands Down

bad look for cuomo

It’s a bad look for Andrew Cuomo, hands down. At least six women have accused the governor of harassment. Debra Katz an attorney for one of the women says Cuomo liked to brag about the size of his hands. Conversely, Donald Trump’s tormenters, including not a few cartoonists, delighted in mocking his allegedly tiny hands. The larger point, however, is that Cuomo insisted in 2018, during the Brett Kavanaugh hysteria, that women must be believed. Now, on the other hand, he urges that we not rush to judgement.

No Love from Biden for Trump Vaccine Effort

Trump vaccine effort, biden, behind the gym

President Biden isn’t showing his predecesor any love for the vaccines that have the pandemic on the run. Donald Trump flogged Operation Warp Speed. It was a Manhattan Project style effort to find a vaccine. Trump’s overexposure to daily press conferences may have killed his re-election. But Warp Speed was a big success.

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson developed, tested and jabbed vaccines into people’s arms in less than a year. It’s a process that normally takes many years.

Trump Vaccine Effort

President Biden’s response? “We inherited a mess.” Biden said that when he took office there was no plan for a vaccine rollout. And he bragged that he would ramp up to 100 million vaccines in his first hundred days. But the country was already vaccinating almost 1 million per day when he took office. And President Biden himself had already received his two shots by then.

Look on the Bright Side, Governor Cuomo

bright side governor cuomo

Is there a bright side to sexual harassment for Governor Cuomo? As more women pile on the charges, could public memory of nursing home deaths fade?

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