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Vaccine Equity Market Crashes in Complexity

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Got Coronavirus vaccine? If not, you might lack vaccine equity. Politico reports more whites than blacks proportionally are getting shots. And essential workers are moving to the front of the line. But vaccine equity gets tricky. Does a 40-something diabetic move ahead of his 50-something nurse? Distribution has been slow.

One thing is certain, age is a factor. Most of the half million dead were elderly.

So, Connecticut is going another way – distribution by age:

I’m going to focus on the old business motto, KISS: Keep it simple, stupid — because a lot of complications result from states that tried to finely slice the salami and it got very complicated to administer

Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut

Pandemic is Excuse Power Brokers Waiting For

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The global pandemic is the excuse the left has been waiting for to vastly expand its control. Power brokers in government, the media and corporate America have consistently invoked often-shifting science, which must never be questioned, to impose coercive policies that diminish individual freedom while increasing dependence on government.

J. Peder Zane, Real Clear Politics

We Were Afraid Data Would be Used Against Us

afraid data would be used against us, cuomo

We froze because we were afraid the data was going to be used against us.

Melissa DeRosa, Top aid to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Cuomo had ordered coronavirus patients into NYC nursing homes. And almost 15,000 seniors died. But the state only reported 8,500 deaths.

New York Attorney General Letitia James reported that the governor had undercounted the state’s COVID-related nursing home deaths by nearly 4,000, making the true nursing home resident death toll about 40 percent higher than Cuomo’s administration claimed. Then, Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa admitted during a private conference call with Democrats that the administration had covered up the true death toll, afraid of provoking a Department of Justice investigation.

Liz Wolfe, Reason

And now he’s accused of sexual harassment.

The Science Says it’s Safe to Open Schools

The Science says it's safe to open, teachers unions

The science says it’s safe to open schools – with certain precautions. But thanks to teachers unions, President Biden can’t hear what The Science is saying.

Wheel out the Old, Rush in the New

wheel out the old
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As we wheel out the old year help is on the way. The new year comes with a new vaccine for the new corona virus. Thanks to the old president’s warp speed program. By the way, he’s slow wheeling his way out too.