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Twitter Peckers Comments it Finds Offensive

Twitter, pecker, social media, Trump
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Twitter isn’t the government, but it can be a pain in the ass.

The all knowing head pecker of sensitivity briefly suspended the popular cartoon battleground site Counterpoint. Nick Anderson is taking credit for his cartoon being the cause. The rest of us will have to try harder.

But we must be doing something right. Counterpoint is tweeting again with more subscribers than ever.

Be subversive. Sign up now!

Best of Bok 2019

Here are some of the cartoons I liked best from last year:

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, blackface
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vaccine deniers
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Elite University scandal, bribe coach, admissions bribery scandal, Lori Laughlin
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Boeing, 737 Max, 737 Max design failure, design by committee
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New York, Taxes, Rich, Wealthy, Refugees
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spy, surveillance, fisa, fbi
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Biden, old white guy, sleepy joe biden gets woke, 2020 campaign
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Trump income taxes
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Conspiracy theories
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Attorney General William Barr Deep State
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Trump, Tariffs, mexico
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Immigration, concentration camp, customs, border patrol
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iran, sanctions, nuclear deal, uranium
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Budget deal, debt, deficit, debt ceiling, spending cap, swamp
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Mueller, Mueller report, Russia, Russia collusion
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China tries to extradite Hong Kong defendants to mainland
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Ukraine, Ukraine call, Trump, Biden, corruption, quid pro quo
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counterpoint, impeachment, secret testimony, Adam Schiff, House Intelligence committee
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NBA, Nike, Betsy Ross, Kaepernick, Lebron James, shoes,
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Counterpoint, Trump, al Baghdadi, assassination, stable genius, austere religious scholar
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Hell, al Baghdadi, Me Too, assassination
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2020 Election, Trump, impeachment, Voters
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Counterpoint, mexico, murder, mormons, President Obrador, hugs, not bullets
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Thanksgiving, immigration, open borders, politics
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2020 election, Bloomberg, media, news
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Counterpoint, Russia, Collusion, Ukraine, Obama, Trump, missile defense,Poles, Czechs, Russian Assets
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Steny Hoyer House impeachment of Trump
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On-Line Cartoon Auction

Speaking of free speech, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press is hosting an auction of original cartoon art from 20 cartoonists. These are equal opportunity offenders including Rob Rogers, the guy who was fired for his Trump cartoons at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and Steve Kelley, the guy who replaced him. There are even a couple by me – and I don’t want to have to buy ’em.

The money goes to the support of one of the few things I hope we can all agree on – free speech. Please take a look at

A Look Bok 2018

Bokbluster 2018 Cartoon Review

Here’s a look back at Bok 2018. Click on a cartoon for a reminder of what it was all about. Then hit the back button to return here.

russian hooker, american porn star, steele dossier

Michael Cohen, swamp fox, Stormy Daniels

Helsinki conference, Trump, Putin

Bok, Harley Davidson, Wall

Churchill, collusion, Stalin

National Economic Council, Kudlow, Dollar, Trade War, Fed

tesla, musk, private, s.e.c.

mainstream media, collude, denounce trump

Manafort Money, Manafort prison, Manafort ostrich skin

John McCain, obit

brett kavenaugh, anatomically correct judge doll

rachel mitchell, brett kavenaugh,

Saudis, Kashoggi


Elon Musk, bong, sec

migrant caravan, mexico

Pelosi, house

florida, election

media, acosta, thanksgiving turkey, pardon

computer speed trap

saudi, trump

steel subsidy, tariff, trump

bush, obit

Public political bickering, mexican wall, oval office, pelosi, Trump, Schumer

Christine Blasey Ford Presents Award


fed grinch

Syria pullout, mattis, isis

sears, new year

Best of Bok 2017

Bokbluster 2017 Cartoon Review

Here’s a look Bok 2017. Click on a cartoon for a reminder of what it was all about. Then hit the back button to return here.

Happy New Year!bitcoin bounce

al franken

streep clinton weinstein

charles manson

hillary dossier

hillary book signing

bill hillary uranium one

fbi flipped bird at congress

pelosi waters

boys in girl scouts

big insurance

NFL sponsors


Charlottesville riot

airline dress code

middlebury college

iran North korea missile defense

Little fat boy

Ailes O'Reilly