Best Picture to Kill an Ambassador



In a weird turn on Oscar night, Michelle Obama, flanked by U.S. military, announced Argo as the Best Picture winner. Some thought it was a little bizarre. I thought it was a little brazen. Argo is about the rescue of American embassy personnel from Islamist fanatics in Iran in 1979. Her husband, the president, was about not rescuing American embassy personnel from Islamist fanatics in Libya in 2012 – and then blaming it on a movie.

3 Responses to Best Picture to Kill an Ambassador

  1. Terry says:

    Oh, the irony!

  2. Marc Jeric says:

    Establishment of jihadist regimes under Obama’s Arab Spring program (done in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt; still to go in Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan), and with help of the existing jihadist regimes in Turkey, Sudan, and Iran, will proceed soon to the destruction of Israel and the associated mass murder of all Jews there under a close supervision provided by Obama’s far-left gallery of rogues Kerry, Brennan, and Hagel. The Benghazi murder cover-up interrupted temporarily the transfer of arms to the Syrian jihadists; but it will continue after that interruption; Egyptian jihadists will receive 20 fighter jets and 200 tanks as Obama’s personal gift – as an award for the Egyptian President’s remarks about the Jews being a progeny of “apes and pigs”. This work will then inevitably earn Obama his second Nobel Piece Prize (his time for a real accomplishment – not like the first one given only on the basis of Hope & Change). This policy is entirely consistent with Obama’s being a Marxist Muslim.

  3. 1goodbob says:

    Well, by the first lady giving an academy award, it proves she is a Good Actor in her role as first lady. They both think that they are King & Queen. The rest of us are ” Serfs,” unless we are Rappers or ” Half-Baked Singers.”

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