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Best Picture to Kill an Ambassador



In a weird turn on Oscar night, Michelle Obama, flanked by U.S. military, announced Argo as the Best Picture winner. Some thought it was a little bizarre. I thought it was a little brazen. Argo is about the rescue of American embassy personnel from Islamist fanatics in Iran in 1979. Her husband, the president, was about not rescuing American embassy personnel from Islamist fanatics in Libya in 2012 – and then blaming it on a movie.

About That Movie

None of the Benghazi attack terrorists has been captured. However, the guy who made that movie – the one Susan Rice now says did not cause the attack – is in jail. He’s in for violating his parole by using an alias while making the flick.

I would have used an alias too. The movie, “Innocence of Muslims”, is so bad it’s funny. It portrays Muhammad using the Quran as an excuse for murder, perversion, and mayhem. It reminded me of the Obama campaign video about Romney using capitalism to justify murdering a woman with cancer. The only difference is the president used his real name in that one and got re-elected.

Susan Rice said on Tuesday that she didn’t mean to mislead about the movie.