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Republicans Lost Senate Control in Runoff Election

republicans lost
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The Republicans lost Senate Control when both the party’s senators lost the run-off election in Georgia.

Did Joe Biden secretly hope for a Republican win? Some commentators thought it would have helped him hold the line against leftist Democrats.

Hunter’s Tax Affairs Under investigation

Hunter's tax affairs, Hunter biden,
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Last week Hunter Biden let out word that his “tax affairs” are under investigation. But the AP says it’s about more than his taxes. There’s also a subpoena for documents related to Hunter’s far flung business deals,.

The New York Post first reported in October that the FBI was investigating emails on Hunter’s laptop. And the media gave the Post the back of its hand. Twitter shut down the paper’s account. Adam Schiff told Wolf Blitzer the story was Russian disinformation and NPR simply refused to cover it.

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Biden Booted After Losing Round with Major

biden booted, walking boot, foot fracture
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Joe Biden was booted after suffering a hairline foot fracture while playing with his dog Major. He’ll be wearing an orthopedic walking boot for a few weeks. But not the enormous plaster cast I drew. It’s tough to fit “Happy 25th Amendment” on a dinky boot.

Speaking of that, was this one small step for a 78 year old white guy, and one giant leap for an ambitious women of color? Who knows? But I don’t get many chances to sign plaster casts these days.

It’s Time for Unity at Home and Abroad

it's time for unity, biden, china
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It’s time for unity. And Joe Biden wants to let bygones be bygones. No hard feelings about President Trump being a Russian agent and all.

President Xi in China has even stronger feelings for unity. He’s bringing Hong Kong closer to mainland China. Much closer.

The WSJ reports Hong Kong authorities booted four pro-democracy legislators last week. And then the remaining pro-democracy contingent resigned.

Hong Kong’s fate is especially important because it shows China can’t be trusted to keep its international promises. Its treaty with the U.K. promised autonomy to Hong Kong for 50 years through 2047. It was extinguished in 2020.

The Wall Street Journal / Review & Outlook 11/12/2020

Virus Pandemic in Team Biden’s Court

Virus pandemic, Team Biden's court
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The virus pandemic is in Team Biden’s court now. And, as luck would have it, they got an assist from Pfizer’s announcement that a 90% effective vaccine is on the way.

President Trump wasn’t happy about Pfizer’s timing. And it looks like the vaccine will be here before his concession speech.

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