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The Lid Closes on the Trump Campaign

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Throughout September I kept reading that Joe Biden had called a “lid” on his campaign. The lid often closed by 9 a.m. and that meant no campaign activities or media availability the rest of the day.

Meanwhile President Trump put in full days, followed by Air Force One rides to campaign rallies and then back to the White House after midnight. Get up in four hours and repeat.

But now, a month before the election, the president has The Virus. And Joe is emerging from his basement shell.

The lid has turned.

Low Bar for Biden in Expectations Game

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Joe Biden faced a low bar in the expectations game, and he cleared it in Tuesday’s debate.

But he had help. Every time it seemed he was about to lose his train of thought Donald Trump kept barking at him, and thereby bailed him out.

Ever ungrateful, Joe told the president, “shut up, man.”  Called him a clown too. And a “lying racist fool.” At least he didn’t call him a lying dog faced pony soldier.

Don’t Concede Presidential Elections

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Concede is a dirty word to President Trump, and he won’t promise to concede the election if he loses. At least that’s what he told a Playboy reporter who asked if he’d “commit to a peaceful transition of power.”

Joe Biden says the military might have to frogmarch him from the Oval Office.

But the WSJ points out that if the election isn’t certified by Jan. 20 Nancy Pelosi will be in the Oval Office.

Besides, Trump is only following Hillary’s advice to Biden: “don’t concede under any circumstances.

Six Weeks until Election Day November 3, 2020.

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That’s right. Only six weeks until election day. But no telling how many more until the votes are counted.

Reporters Grilled Joe Biden at Rare Presser

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Reporters grilled Joe Biden when they finally got the opportunity at a rare press conference. Just kidding. They mostly lobbed softballs at him like this:

“When you hear these remarks — ‘suckers,’ ‘losers,’ recoiling from amputees, what does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?” 

Edward-Isaac Dovere, The Atlantic

Well, I guess that would have been a hardball question for Trump, but he wasn’t there.

Here are 50 questions Jordan Davidson at The Federalist would like to ask the Vice President if given the chance.