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The Lid Closes on the Trump Campaign

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Throughout September I kept reading that Joe Biden had called a “lid” on his campaign. The lid often closed by 9 a.m. and that meant no campaign activities or media availability the rest of the day.

Meanwhile President Trump put in full days, followed by Air Force One rides to campaign rallies and then back to the White House after midnight. Get up in four hours and repeat.

But now, a month before the election, the president has The Virus. And Joe is emerging from his basement shell.

The lid has turned.

Tough Guy from Scranton Meets Bully from Queens

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Joe Biden has always presented himself as a tough guy from Scranton. Must be a tough place, he moved to Delaware at age 10.

Any way,  Gerald Seib thinks Trump wanted to reposition Biden as a weak, woke, swamp guy from the beltway. So be beat the crap out of him in Tuesday’s debate.

Seib says it was a big gamble for Trump. And early reviews say the president made a bad bet.

Don’t Concede Presidential Elections

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Concede is a dirty word to President Trump, and he won’t promise to concede the election if he loses. At least that’s what he told a Playboy reporter who asked if he’d “commit to a peaceful transition of power.”

Joe Biden says the military might have to frogmarch him from the Oval Office.

But the WSJ points out that if the election isn’t certified by Jan. 20 Nancy Pelosi will be in the Oval Office.

Besides, Trump is only following Hillary’s advice to Biden: “don’t concede under any circumstances.

Nazis, Trump and Aborted Babies

Nazis, Trump
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Nazis were the topic at Counterpoint last Thursday. That’s when I drew this one. Ted Rall worked the other side of the Counterpoint aisle and you can see his cartoon here

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Here’s my commentary:

“Ted has fingered the RNC’s failure to come up with a platform as the equivalent of Nazi Germany’s Enabling Act.

Looks like the president is Hitler. Again. George W. Bush had a nice run as Hitler too.

It seems to be a genetic disorder. It only affects Republicans. The far left mob must have achieved herd immunity. No matter how many Reichstags they try to burn down they never catch the Hitler bug.” – CB


Fireworks for Everybody

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There weren’t many fireworks in the speeches at the virtual RNC. But the show at the end was nice.

South Carolina launched Joe Biden’s Democratic Primary win. And Republicans seem to be hoping the Palmetto State will do the same for Donald Trump in the general election.

If the country suffers from systemic racism you’d expect to find it in the first state to secede from the union. Tim Scott grew up there poor and black in a single parent home. But somehow he managed to work his way from “the cotton fields to Congress.” At least that’s how how he put it in his RNC Speech. He even beat Strom Thurmond’s son in a congressional primary.


Speaking of Scions, there were way too many of them on stage. Even The Donald, Jr’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, got in a minute and a half at the top of her lungs.

My favorite convention event, however, was the fireworks display over the National Mall.

Wonder how the BLM protesters attacking Rand Paul and guests on the other side of the White House liked it?