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Gag Decision

Well it happened. Alvin Bragg took time from his busy schedule of not prosecuting shoplifters and cop kickers to take down Donald Trump. The jury convicted him on all 34 counts of ,,,um, …um, well the judge never really did say what the underlying crime was. But he did hang a gag order on the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

Oh wait, Trump said on Friday the gag order hasn’t been lifted.

Biden Campaign Contribution

The alleged crime in Trump’s hush money trial was 6 years past its expiration date. The only way Prosecutor Bragg could drag Trump into a New York courtroom was to tie the old crime to a new intended felony.

Here’s how the WSJ editorial page put it: “Mr. Bragg’s main argument for the second crime is that because the Stormy payoff was primarily meant to influence the 2016 election, it was in effect an illegal donation to Mr. Trump’s campaign.”

Or could Stormy’s two days of juicy testimony be considered a campaign contribution to Joe Biden?

Gag Me

Joe Biden broke his silence today on antisemitic campus protests. He praised free speech and condemned violence and vandalism.

“There is no place for hate speech or violence of any kind, whether it’s antisemitism, Islamophobia or discrimination against Arab-Americans or Palestinian-Americans. It’s simply wrong,” Biden said.Axios

There are very fine people on both sides.

Guliver Trump

Democrats have Trump tied down and gagged in court and they still can’t shut him up. And he still leads Biden 49% to 43% in a CNN poll.

Presidents Have the Same Legal Immunity as You

The Supreme Court heard arguments for presidential legal immunity. Trump, naturally, wants unlimited immunity if he wins. Would that mean he could gun down ex-president Joe Biden on Fifth Avenue? The Court seemed to be leaning to a more limited immunity from prosecution. More like what you and I have – up to $10,000 in free shoplifting.

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