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Biden Fought the Law and the Law Won… kinda

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2023 that President Biden lacks the authority to cancel $400 billion in student loan debt. “The Supreme Court blocked it,” Mr. Biden added, “but that didn’t stop me.” Yesterday he canceled $7.4 billion , bringing his total student deb relief to $153 billion since the SCOTUS said, “don’t.”

Biden Bunny Tales

Joe Biden likes to bill himself as a “devout Catholic.” It’s part of his brand, but not everyone buys it. Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC sees the president more as a “cafeteria Catholic.” That might explain his devotion to late term abortion on demand. As if to prove the point on Easter Sunday, President Biden issued a transgender visibility proclamation with the support of two giant bunnies.

It’s unclear if the event boosted Donald Trump’s bible sales.

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