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Georgia Voting Law Okay for Masters

georgia voting law, masters, augusta national

Commissioner Rob Manfred pulled he Major League All-Star game from Atlanta because of a new Georgia voting law. But The Masters Tournament goes on today at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club. Where Commissioner Manfred is a member in good standing.

First Pitch in Georgia Voting Controversy

first pitch in georgia, biden, voting, jim crow, all star game

Joe Biden threw out the first pitch in the Georgia voting law controversy. And Stacey Abrams hit the dirt. She appreciated that he called the law an atrocious Jim Crow throwback but she’s not wild about the $100 million or so that left town with the all-star game.

Biden claims the law shuts down the polls at 5p.m. – just when working folks “like the ones he grew up with” get off. The Washington Post explains here why that’s a lie.


The New National Pastime is Politics

national pastime is politics

Georgia’s legislature passed a law President Biden didn’t like and major league baseball agreed. Now the new national pastime is politics.

Joe Biden called Georgia’s new voter legislation a sick “Jim Crow” law. Worse even than Jim Crow. “It’s Jim Eagle!” Baseball Commissioner Bob Manfred jumped on board and moved the All Star game out of Atlanta.


Schilling Vetoed by Baseball Hall of Fame Voters

Curt Schilling, baseball hall of fame

Baseball Hall of Fame voters chose not to elect anyone this year. Most agree Curt Schilling easily qualifies as a pitcher but his politics cancelled him out.

And here’s what Schilling had to say about that.

You are talking about a group of people who are 85% white and 90% male — and they are lecturing me on diversity and racism.

Cleveland Baseball Team Naming Rights

Cleveland baseball team
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Want to buy naming rights to the Cleveland baseball team?

First the commissioner banished the Indians veteran cartoon mascot Chief Wahoo. Now this.

The Indians are clearing payroll in a big way and yesterday they announced they will give up their name. But not until after the 2021 season. Maybe they couldn’t afford new jerseys.


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