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World Series Facial Grooming

131031 world series facial grooming

Was looking for a distraction so I switched from to the World Series. Being skilled at distraction, my attention drifted from the game to the elaborate  facial grooming of the Red Sox players. It went way beyond the fuzz, stubble. and occasional handlebar you expect to see.

So I came up with this.

The cartoon had a caption but one admirer gushed, “it’s so insanely stupid it doesn’t need a caption”.

So, I shaved it.

Slates Amanda Hess grades the growth here.

Dope Scandal

130806-baseball-PED-cartoonTwelve ballplayers got 50 game suspensions in the Biogenesis dope scandal. A-Rod got 211. Hardly seems fair, but neither is cheating. Besides nobody likes him. You can see his entertaining press conference in Chicago here.

And here are “The 15 Most Hilarious quotes from Alex Rodriguez’s 2009 ‘I’m sorry for Taking Steroids Interview'” dug up by New York Magazine.

Stan the Man



Stan the Man Musial died a week after no one was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame, due to performance enhancing drug suspicions. Here’s a nice essay by Paul Greenberg on “A Gentleman and a Ballplayer”.

Ozzie Loves Fidel

Ozzie Guillen’s 5 star rating of an aging lefty has not gone over well with Miami’s Cuban community. Ozzie told Time magazine he “loves” Fidel Castro. He modified that to mean he admired Fidel’s ability to hang on to his job against all odds. His admiration could cost Ozzie his own job. So far it’s  earned him a 5 game suspension.

Rapid Robert


Here’s a nice video interview with Bob Feller from the New York Times “Last Word” series.