Commissioner Bans Wahoo


The Cleveland Indians 70 year old icon, Chief Wahoo, has gone the way of the image of The Prophet. Kind of. There was no rioting. There were no murders. Instead, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred offered Indians ownership a deal it couldn’t refuse. And Wahoo was sent to the showers.

In exchange, the Dolan family gets to keep discreet licensing rights to the chief on promotional paraphernalia. And Cleveland gets to keep the 2018 All Star game. Probably.

Wahoo Gear

Tribe gear worn by the players, however, will no longer bear the graven image of the famed indigenous cartoon person. Instead players will sport the block “C” on their sleeves and hats when they take the field.

I think it stands for politically “Correct.”


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  1. Tom Haag says:

    Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter anymore. It is a sad day and another example of the “milquetoast-ification” of America. One day, we will all be wearing blank t-shirts and ballcaps of a color to be decided by a court and that color obviously won’t be white, or red, or black, or yellow, or brown etc. etc. etc.
    Go Tribe!!

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