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Putin on the Ring

130624-putin-ring-g8-cartoonAt last week’s G-8 Summit in Ireland (no relation to the Gang of Eight summit in Washington) Obama couldn’t interest Putin in his nuclear arms reduction scheme or in dumping blood-soaked Syrian ally Assad. This despite Obama’s post election flexibility.

Putin was also mum about Robert Kraft’s missing Super Bowl ring. The New England Patriot’s owner claims Putin stole it from him.

Mark Steyn speaks up here.


Farm Bill


130620-sacred-cow-farm-cartoon-Congress is working on a new farm bill. Fifteen lawmakers receive direct payments from the Agriculture Department according to Bloomberg. Heritage’s The Foundry is happy to show us who else gets farm aid here.



If your in-box had an email from Richard Windsor it wasn’t necessarily junk mail. It was from former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson. That was her account for communicating with insiders (which is why you didn’t have mail from Richard Windsor). It turns out lots of people in the administration use secret email accounts.

President Obama has proclaimed his administration the most transparent in history. And it is – if you can afford a million dollars to find out a bureaucrat’s email addresses. That’s what the Labor Department tried to charge AP ($1.03 million).

Kevin O’Brien of the Plain Dealer spills Richard Windsor’s guts here.

Bite of the Apple


130521-apple-levin-cartoon-Apple CEO Tim Cook was dragged to the U.S. Senate to apologize for his success. While his company paid $6 billion in U.S. taxes last year it paid little if anything on it’s overseas stash. All perfectly legal. Even the president doesn’t pay more than he owes.

Rand Paul said the Senate ought to apologize for the dog and pony show, but Carl Levin was having none of that as he took a crack at American pensions and 401ks by insisting that Apple send more money to foreign countries.

Justice Department and AP



The Department of Justice is providing tougher oversight of the AP than it did of its own ATF during the Fast and Furious scandal.