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Tough Guy from Scranton Meets Bully from Queens

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Joe Biden has always presented himself as a tough guy from Scranton. Must be a tough place, he moved to Delaware at age 10.

Any way, Gerald Seib thinks Trump wanted to reposition Biden as a weak, woke, swamp guy from the beltway. So be beat the crap out of him in Tuesday’s debate.

Seib says it was a big gamble for Trump. And early reviews say the president made a bad bet.

Joe Biden is no Radical Socialist

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Joe Biden is no radical socialist but sometimes his party makes him seem like one on TV. No speaker at the DNC mentioned the violent protests in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and other cities. Republicans noticed and took up the theme that Biden is soft on rioters.

So, on Monday in Pittsburgh, with a nudge from Don Lemon, Joe condemned the violence and blamed Trump for it.

Biden no Radical Socialist

He also insisted he’d stand up to the hard left in the party’s base and for emphasis asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?”

I’m not sure how that will sit with Bernie Sanders. Joe’s people met with his people and Bernie was pleased with the outcome. So pleased he said that if Joe sticks to the agreement he’ll be “the most progressive president since Roosevelt.”

Bernie Quits Before Drug Companies Find a Cure

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Bernie quit just as things were finally going his way. Thanks to Covid-19 the government is spending like crazy, we have fee health care and fracking is dead. So he’s dropped out of the race.

Smart move. Drug companies big and small are working on treatments and vaccines. And before you know it, we’ll right back where we started.

Bernie Sanders is Wasted on the Young

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Bernie Sanders is wasted on the young. Millennials like the old socialist but they don’t show up to vote for him.

According to Vox Bernie won 58% of the under 30 vote on Super Tuesday. But there weren’t enough of them. Forty-two percent of the 45 to 64 crowd went for Biden compared to twenty-five percent for Sanders. And in the over 65 set Biden beat Sanders 48% to 15%.


Interestingly, people over 65 are also more likely to die from COVID-19 . So they tend to shelter in place. Maybe Bernie’s millennials skipped the polls for spring break.

Biden not Senile During Debate with Sanders

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Joe Biden has a hairy leg up on Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. If he can reassure voters he’s not senile.

The two members of the COVID-19 high risk set engaged in debate Sunday night.

Joe Biden, the 77 year old hero of the hazy center left establishment, took on 78 year old grumpy socialist Bernie Sanders. At a safe social distance, of course, and in front of no audience.

Biden surprised me in 2012 when he schooled Paul Ryan in a vice presidential debate. But he hasn’t aged gracefully and I thought Bernie would wipe the floor with him on Sunday. Except, I forgot that Sanders was highly likely to lead with his chin on “Medicare for All.” Which he did.

When Bernie griped that America was ill prepared for the Corona Pandemic because “We’ve got thousands of private insurance plans. Joe didn’t miss a beat. He pointed out that Italy has a single payer system and is way worse off than we are. So far.

Biden Not Senile

Vox says Biden “delivered his first coherent campaign message on Sunday night:”

“People are looking for results, not a revolution.”


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