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Government War on Women


Now that women are eligible for combat top army and marine generals said last week they must register for the draft.

Government War on Women

Later in the week the CDC piled on in the government war on women. It ordered  fertile females not to drink unless they’re on birth control.

Campaign Economy

160205-economy Daniel Henninger and Robert Samuelson both say the economy should be the main issue in the 2016 campaign. Here’s Henninger:

The Iowa entrance polls reveal that Mr. Trump got 44% of the vote from people who believe immigration is the top issue. Unfortunately, at least in Iowa only 13% think that.

He says 60% of Iowa voters considered “economic concerns” to be the top issue.



Iowa Coin Toss


Did Hillary actually win convention delegates with a coin toss?

National Review says Sanders won by actual votes. Hillary only wins by coin flips:

The final count of delegates to the state convention (aside from the seven won by Martin O’Malley) was Clinton 699, Sanders 695. But by actual voter decisions, the count was Sanders 695, Clinton 693, and six ties. Sure, Clinton right now goes to the state convention with four more committed delegates than Sanders, but she didn’t win her margin via voters, but by a mathematically bizarre series of coin flips.

Bern is flipping out.

Coin Toss

CNN says it ain’t so. Here’s Norm Sternberg a former director of the Iowa Democratic Party:

“I can say with almost absolutely certainty this election would not have been changed because of the coin flips. It would take a very large number of these to make that kind of impact, and one candidate would have to win them all. Our empirical evidence and anecdotal information shows that one candidate didn’t win them all, and that coin flips are not that frequent.”

Now the Des Moines Register is calling for an audit of the Coin Toss Caucus.

Hill and Bern in Lockstep


Hill and Bern left the Hawkeye State in lockstep with the FBI hot on the trail. They finished in a virtual tie in the Iowa Caucus.

The NYT reported on Friday that the State Department refused to release 22 emails on Hillary’s home brew computer because they are too highly classified.

Ed Kline reports that Hillary’s inner circle of Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jake Sullivan have been told by the FBI to be prepared to testify.


Lightweight Reporter

160129-lightweight reporter

The master of political incorrectness says he refuses to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo because it would be politically incorrect. In other words he’s calling her a bimbo. He also called her a lightweight reporter.

Trump took a break from charming his way to the White House by sitting out last night’s debate. He raised funds for veterans instead.

Lightweight Reporter

That left the remaining candidates fully exposed to Kelly’s heavyweight questioning. She came down especially hard on Cruz and Rubio, confronting them with video evidence of their flip-flops on immigration. Cruz insists his enthusiastic support of amendments to pass an amnesty bill were really poison pills to kill it.