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Marco and Hillary’s Big Adventure

150415-MarcoMarco Rubio showed his latin cred by talking about his Cuban refugee parents. He also scored points for upward mobility by mentioning that his father was a bartender – if you consider running for president to be upwardly mobile.

Hillary and Huma headed for the border – of Iowa. They stopped their Scoobie Doo van in Maumee, Ohio and made sort of a secreted sortie to Chipotle. They showed up wearing sunglasses and went unrecognized.






sort of a secret camp

Ayatollah Advice


Ayatollah Khamenei recently held a fire and brimstone revival in Iran. He said there would be no nuclear deal unless sanctions are lifted immediately.The Supreme Leader then presided over a rousing chorus of Death to America chants.


Hillary Quits Shaky Foundation


Candidate Hillary announced her resignation from the board of the Clinton Foundation yesterday, leaving Bill and Chelsea holding the bag.

Mandatory Voting


We have mandatory death, taxes, and healthcare. Why not voting? The president thinks it’s a good idea.

Sober Secret Service


Sober Secret Service operatives want to spend $8 million to build a fake White House. Here’s the story in the Onion.