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Zero Tolerance

zero tolerance

President Trump’s zero tolerance didn’t last long.The WSJ has a story about Honduran mothers with children on the wrong side of the border. They waited to be arrested. Border patrol agents obliged them and then took mother and child to a processing center.

Latino Victory Fund Scares Elephants

Latino Victory Fund

A moderate Democrat beat a moderate Republican to win the governor’s race in Virginia last week.

Latino Victory Fund

But a campaign ad by the Latino Victory Fund was anything but moderate. It featured an Ed Gillespie stand-in chasing minority children in a pickup truck. The ad only ran once but the Latino Viciory Fund president, Cristóbal Alex, says he’d do it again.

Some Republicans fear this could be a trend that will cost them their Senate majority.

Nothing really changed in Virginia though. A new Democrat simply replaced an old Democrat in the governor’s house.

Wall Tax

wall taxPresident Trump has suggested Mexico will pay for the wall through a 20% Border Adjustment Tax. You could call it a wall tax but it’s not Mexicans who will pay.

Great Wall of Chihuahua

great wall

I’m not sure why President Trump seems determined to make Mexico pay for the great wall on the border. We don’t expect Mexico pay for our duck penis studies. So shy should Mexico pay for our walls?

Maybe Trump enjoys insulting President Enrique Peña Nieto. He invited the Mexican president for a visit, but then told him not to come if he’s not going to pay for the wall. So he’s not coming.

Great Wall of Honor

Jonah Goldberg in National Review says this is a serious blow to Mexico’s honor. And wars are fought over honor. Peña Nieto is probably back in Mexico City right now sharpening his saber.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump just hung Andre Jackson’s portrait in the Oval Office. In 1806 Charles Dickinson accused Jackson of welching on a horse bet. Not only that, he called Jackson’s wife Rachel a bigamist.

So Old Hickory killed him in a duel.

We may be onto something here.




Presidential Trump and The Donald

presidential trump and the donald

On August 26, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto invited both American presidential candidates down for a visit.

Presidential Trump

Donald Trump jumped on the offer and met with the president last Wednesday. Trump Looked presidential. And they talked about presidential stuff, including “the wall.” But Trump says they didn’t discuss who would pay for it.

The Donald

That afternoon Trump gave a speech in Phoenix. And he looked, well, like The Donald. He blustered that he would make Mexico pay for the wall.

Being an actual president, Enrique Peña Nieto heard about this. He was not pleased. So he tweeted that the first thing he told Trump in their private meeting was there’s no way he’ll pay for the wall.

On Monday, September 5, Hillary got around to RSVPing President Peña Nieto’s invitation to her.

She declined.