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No Acceptable Business Case

140404 GM Acceptable Buisness Case

The Chevy Cobalt is being recalled because the ignition shuts off while the vehicle is running! None of the solutions to fix it represented an “acceptable business case“, according to General Motors. Thirteen people have died so far. GM warns this can be caused by too heavy a key ring.

So, as your life passes before your eyes while barreling downhill at 80mph without power, or airbags, please keep in mind… your key ring is too damn heavy.

Acceptable Business Case

On the other hand you could have kept your key ring and GM could have fixed the problem with a 57 cent part.

At least they’re not blowing your bail out money.



Before The Fall

The president is threatening that there’s more where the auto bail-out came from.

“Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.”

Meanwhile a Congressional Budget Office report says a walk off the fiscal cliff will plunge the economy back into recession.

Make My Bailout

From spaghetti westerns to J. Edgar Hoover, Clint Eastwood commands attention. So when he gives a half-time pep talk at the Super Bowl you listen. Rich Lowry gave the performance a rave review but didn’t care for the script.

We’re All Investors Now

Republicans used to call it tax and spend. Now it’s mostly just spend. Democrats call it investing. For all the hope and change, things have stayed pretty much the same.

I drew this in 1992.


Fredrich Hayek’s 1944 classic Road to Serfdom has become a best seller again. He said that governments tend to plan production for political, rather than market, purposes. Government owned GM’s new Volt costs $41,000, runs on a battery, and gets 40 miles per charge.